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Unpublished Paper
Fostering Entrepreneurial Talent with ‘SPEED’: Evidence from the University of Ulster
currently under review (2011)
  • Elaine Ramsey, University of Ulster
  • Janine Swail
  • Patrick Ibbotson, University of Ulster
  • Denise Crossan, University of Ulster
  • Paul Harrigan, University of Southampton
  • Andrew Kincaid, University of Ulster

Entrepreneurship education is a core activity for many higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. This paper seeks to address a lack of rigorous research in entrepreneurship education by examining the impact of the SPEED (Student Placement for Entrepreneurship in Education) programme on the ability of HE students to develop new business ideas and embark on an entrepreneurship career. Research comprised quantitative and qualitative evidence derived from pre- and post-SPEED questionnaires and qualitative evidence. Findings support the benefit of the SPEED programme in increasing General and Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (GSE and ESE), particularly for women. The paper concludes that entrepreneurship educators need to better understand different student perceptions towards entrepreneurship as a career choice, specifically with regard to students’ self-perceived strengths and weaknesses. Programmes such as SPEED are important because they can measure and address discrepancies locally and nationally, thus contributing to the UK economy’s need to improve entrepreneurship, productivity and competitiveness.

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Education,
  • Regional
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Elaine Ramsey, Janine Swail, Patrick Ibbotson, Denise Crossan, et al.. "Fostering Entrepreneurial Talent with ‘SPEED’: Evidence from the University of Ulster" currently under review (2011)
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