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Neonatal Informatics: Optimizing Clinical Data Entry and Display
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  • Patrick Brown, MD, Baystate Health
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Article, Peer-reviewed
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Displaying the vast amount of clinical data that exist in electronic medical records without causing information overload or interfering with provider thought processes is a challenge. To support the transformation of data into information and knowledge, effective electronic displays must be flexible and guide physicians' thought processes. Applying research from cognitive science and human factors engineering offers promise in improving the electronic display of clinical information. OBJECTIVES: After completing this article, readers should be able to: Appreciate the importance of supporting provider thought processes during both data entry and data review.Recognize that information does not need to be displayed and reviewed in the same way the data are entered.
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Palma JP, Brown PJ, Lehmann CU, Longhurst CA. Neonatal Informatics: Optimizing Clinical Data Entry and Display Neoreviews 2012 Feb;13(2):81-5.