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Penetration of Ultraviolet Radiation in Streams of Eastern Pennsylvania: Environmental Controls and the Role of Suspended Particulates
Aquatic Sciences (2009)
  • Patrick Belmont, Utah State University
  • Donald P. Morris
  • Frank J. Pazzaglia
  • Stephen C. Peters
Penetration of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) in stream ecosystems is determined by the concentration and optical properties of suspended sediment and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). This study documents the base-flow optical environment of 37 first- and second-order tributaries distributed throughout the Lehigh River watershed, eastern Pennsylvania, over a four year period. We measured a large range of attenuation coefficients (Kd380: 0.68 – 151.1 m−1, Kd320: 0.95 – 316.2 m−1) and 1 % transmission depths (2 cm – 147 cm)...
  • Ultraviolet Radiation,
  • Streams,
  • Pennsylvania,
  • Environmental Controls,
  • Suspended Particulates
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
DOI 10.1007/s00027-009-9120-7
Citation Information
Belmont, P., Morris, D.P., Pazzaglia, F.J., Peters, S.C. (2009) Penetration of ultraviolet radiation in streams of eastern Pennsylvania: environmental controls and the role of suspended particulates. Aquatic Sciences. March, 189-201. IF: 2.045, Cit: 4