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About Patrick P. Arni

I work at IZA - Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, as a Research Associate and Deputy Program Director of the area "Evaluation of Labor Market Programs". I'm also affiliated to DEEP, University of Lausanne, and CAFE, Aarhus University.
I received my PhD from the Department of Economics at HEC Lausanne in 2011. Previously I was a visiting scholar at Tilburg University. In 2008, I completed the PhD course program of the Swiss National Bank Study Center Gerzensee. I obtained a Master's degree from University of Zurich and did some additional studies at University of Geneva.
My research interests include Labor Economics and Applied Microeconometrics. I analyze the effect of labor market policies and sanction & monitoring schemes in unemployment insurance and welfare, with a particular focus on post-unemployment outcomes. A further research focus consists in evaluating the impacts of beliefs & subjective information and of the use of networks on social insurance schemes.
Currently, I'm involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of several randomized field experiments in unemployment insurance. Current projects involve as well the collection of novel combinations of administrative data with repeated surveys.
+++ Ongoing research projects by topic: +++
1. Evaluation of social security policies
++ "Do Older Job Seekers Find More Jobs When Being Coached? A Field Experiment on Search
++ "Carrots & Sticks - Multilevel Evaluation of Unemployment Insurance Policy Effects on Job Seekers' Earnings" (joint with R. Lalive, U Lausanne, G.J. van den Berg, U Mannheim)
++ “How Effective Are Unemployment Benefit Sanctions?” (joint with Rafael Lalive and Jan C. van Ours) (published in Journal of Applied Econometrics)
2. The role of beliefs for the success of job search and labor market policy
++ “Fitting Expectations? The Impact of Caseworker’s Beliefs on Treatment Allocation and
Outcomes in Unemployment Insurance – A Field Experiment”
++ “From Optimistic to Realistic? – Beliefs, Job Search and Labor Market Policy. An Empirical
Assessment” (joint with Conny Wunsch, VU Amsterdam)
++ “Labor Market Chances: Expectations and Self-Assessment” (joint with C. Wunsch, VU
Amsterdam) (Design and analysis of a new survey module in the PASS Panel Survey 2013/14
by IAB, Institute for Employment Research, Germany)
3. Social networks and peers in job search
++ “Are Social Networks an Effective Job Search Channel? A Field Experiment” (joint with R.
Lalive, G. Bonoli, D. Oesch, P. Parrotta, A. Von Ow, N. Turtschi, U Lausanne)
4. Subjective outcomes & attitudes and personality traits in unemployment insurance
++ “What’s in the Blackbox? The Effect of Labor Market Policy on Subjective Outcomes and
Beliefs. A Field Experiment”
++ “Predicting Long-term Unemployment: Does Subjective Information Help?” (joint with M.
Caliendo, U Potsdam, S. Künn, IZA)


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