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Surface structures of approximant phases in the Al-Pd-Mn system
Physical Review B
  • V. Fournée, Iowa State University
  • A. R. Ross, Iowa State University
  • Thomas A. Lograsso, Iowa State University
  • James W. Anderegg, Iowa State University
  • C. Dong, Iowa State University
  • Matthew J. Kramer, Iowa State University
  • I. R. Fisher, Iowa State University
  • Paul C. Canfield, Iowa State University
  • Patricia A. Thiel, Iowa State University
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We present a study of the surface of the ξ′-Al-Pd-Mn approximant phase based upon scanning tunneling microscopy and low-energy electron diffraction. Several structures are observed on two different samples grown either by the Bridgman technique or by a self-flux method, and which contain various degrees of disorder. We also describe some other complex crystalline phases that are sometimes observed on the fivefold surface of Al-Pd-Mn quasicrystalline samples after the sputter-annealing cleaning process under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. This includes the T approximant phase resulting from surface decomposition after a high-temperature annealing.


This article is from Physical Review B 66, no. 16 (2002): 165423, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.66.165423.

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American Physical Society
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V. Fournée, A. R. Ross, Thomas A. Lograsso, James W. Anderegg, et al.. "Surface structures of approximant phases in the Al-Pd-Mn system" Physical Review B Vol. 66 Iss. 16 (2002) p. 165423
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