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Growth morphology and properties of metals on graphene
Progress in Surface Science
  • Xiaojie Liu, Northeast Normal University
  • Yong Han, Iowa State University
  • James W. Evans, Iowa State University
  • Albert K. Engstfeld, Ulm University
  • R. Juergen Behm, Ulm University
  • Michael C. Tringides, Iowa State University
  • Myron Hupalo, The Ames Laboratory
  • Hai-Qing Lin, eBeijing Computational Science Research Center
  • Li Huang, South University of Science and Technology of China
  • Kai-Ming Ho, Iowa State University
  • David Appy, Iowa State University
  • Patricia A. Thiel, Iowa State University
  • Cai-Zhuang Wang, The Ames Laboratory
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Graphene, a single atomic layer of graphite, has been the focus of recent intensive studies due to its novel electronic and structural properties. Metals grown on graphene also have been of interest because of their potential use as metal contacts in graphene devices, for spintronics applications, and for catalysis. All of these applications require good understanding and control of the metal growth morphology, which in part reflects the strength of the metal–graphene bond. Also of importance is whether the interaction between graphene and metal is sufficiently strong to modify the electronic structure of graphene. In this review, we will discuss recent experimental and computational studies related to deposition of metals on graphene supported on various substrates (SiC, SiO2, and hexagonal close-packed metal surfaces). Of specific interest are the metal–graphene interactions (adsorption energies and diffusion barriers of metal adatoms), and the crystal structures and thermal stability of the metal nanoclusters.


This is a manuscript of an article published as Liu, Xiaojie, Yong Han, James W. Evans, Albert K. Engstfeld, R. Juergen Behm, Michael C. Tringides, Myron Hupalo et al. "Growth morphology and properties of metals on graphene." Progress in Surface Science 90, no. 4 (2015): 397-443, doi:10.1016/j.progsurf.2015.07.001. Posted with permission.

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Xiaojie Liu, Yong Han, James W. Evans, Albert K. Engstfeld, et al.. "Growth morphology and properties of metals on graphene" Progress in Surface Science Vol. 90 Iss. 4 (2015) p. 397 - 443
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