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Behavioral Activation of the Female Neuroendocrine Axis
Reproduction in Context
  • Patricia A. Schiml, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • Scott R. Wersinger
  • Emilie F. Rissman
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Historically, reproductive science has focused on reproductive behaviors divorced from the contexts in which they occur. Taking a more integrated view, this book explores the neuroendocrine bases of reproduction in relation to their environmental and social contexts. The contributors provide compelling accounts of reproductive behaviors in animals ranging from turtles and lizards to humans and nonhuman primates. They examine these behaviors from the perspectives of ethology, endocrinology, behavioral genetics, and evolutionary ecology. Together, they illuminate the dynamic interplay between the ecological and social contexts of a species and the biological mechanisms regulating reproductive behavior. The book shows how an appreciation of the full complexity of the context of reproduction actually simplifies and clarifies our understanding of reproductive behavior.
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Patricia A. Schiml, Scott R. Wersinger and Emilie F. Rissman. "Behavioral Activation of the Female Neuroendocrine Axis" Reproduction in Context (1999) ISSN: 0262232049
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