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A Window Into Mathematical Support: How Parents’ Perceptions Change Following Observations of Mathematics Tutoring
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
  • Arla Westenskow, Utah State University
  • Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood, Utah State University
  • Patricia S. Moyer-Packenham, Utah State University
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Taylor & Francis Online
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This research study examined the perceptions of 24 parents of rising 5th-grade students with mathematics learning difficulties as part of a 10-week summer mathematics tutoring experience. During the summer tutoring program, parents observed their children participating in mathematics learning experiences during one-to-one tutoring sessions. At the conclusion of the summer tutoring services, parents reflected on observations of their own children in surveys and interviews. Results indicated that parents’ observations of the tutoring impacted their perceptions and changed the support they provided to their children during and after the tutoring program. Parents reported changes in attitudes and beliefs about mathematics, gaining insights into their child’s mathematical understanding, and changes in their methods and practices as mathematics supporters outside of the tutoring sessions.

Citation Information
Westenskow, A., Boyer-Thurgood, J., & Moyer-Packenham, P. S. (2015). A window into mathematical support: How parents’ perceptions change following observations of mathematics tutoring. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 29(4), 458-475. doi: 10.1080/02568543.2015.1073816