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Statistics and the (Post)-Millennium Student
Joint Mathematical Meetings (2012)
  • Patricia B. Humphrey, Georgia Southern University

Students today are very different from when we, their professors and instructors were students. They Facebook, Google, text and Tweet (unfortunately, sometimes during class). Interaction with others has been boiled down to “soundbites” of 140 characters or less. They grew up with video games and SpongeBob (recently shown to be detrimental to attention and higher order intellect). We believe they are “tech savvy,” but this is often not the case. We understand that GAISE encourages us to use real data in teaching, but are the examples we select interesting and attention-grabbing to them? How can we overcome these problems? We, their instructors are most likely programmed to teach in the same manner we were taught: a lecture followed by homework, quiz, etc. One possibility is to reorganize our teaching into smaller “bites.” Another is to take advantage of social media. I’ll discuss strategies I’ve used: their pluses and minuses as well.

  • Post-millennium student,
  • Technology
Publication Date
January 7, 2012
Citation Information
Patricia B. Humphrey. "Statistics and the (Post)-Millennium Student" Joint Mathematical Meetings. Boston, MA. Jan. 2012.