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Sunday Rising
None (2013)
  • Patricia Clark
Sunday Rising, Patricia Clark’s fourth poetry collection, opens with a haunting vision of human forms risen from the underworld, figures who lean together, trying to communicate, and ending in the final section with poems that question the past, her heritage, human relationships and the meaning of loss. In between the poems of Sunday Rising explore the near worlds of Michigan, as well as the farther worlds of the Pacific Northwest, of The Netherlands and France. There are cracks, fissures, in the worlds shown here, as well as lyric exhalations rising like clouds beyond the named birds, trees and shores. Here is language that expresses her spiritual longing and moments of passion and sorrow.
  • poetry,
  • nature poetry,
  • michigan poetry,
  • response to religion
Publication Date
Winter 2013
Michigan State University Press
Citation Information
Patricia Clark. Sunday Rising. East Lansing(2013)
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