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Social media and crisis research: Data collection and directions
Computers in Human Behavior (2016)
  • Patric R Spence, University of Kentukcy
  • Kenneth Lachlan, University of Connecticut
  • Adam Rainear, University of Connecticut
Social media platforms may be advantageous to those conducting research on communicative responses to crises and disasters, as they allow for the examination of public responses as cataclysmic events unfold. These technologies are also useful for reaching those affected by disasters in a manner not feasible with traditional methods of empirical inquiry. The current essay discusses recent advances in the use of social media for recruiting participants, collecting data, and evaluating audience needs and expectations. This literature is discussed in the context of its implications for scholars, social media managers, and emergency practitioners.
  • crisis communication,
  • risk communication,
  • social media,
  • research methods,
  • data collection
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Patric R Spence, Kenneth Lachlan and Adam Rainear. "Social media and crisis research: Data collection and directions" Computers in Human Behavior Vol. 54 (2016) p. 667 - 672
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