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Expanding the Scope of Instructional Communication Research: Looking Beyond Classroom Contexts
Communication Studies (2015)
  • Deanna D. Sellnow
  • Anthony Limperos, University of Kentucky
  • Patric R Spence, University of Kentukcy
  • Brandi N Frisby, University of Kentucky
  • Timothy L. Sellnow
  • Edward Downs
The bulk of instructional communication research to date examines communication among teachers and students in conventional classroom contexts. Although past and present research is prolific and informative, it is also somewhat limiting. With a specific unifying focus on affective, cognitive, and behavioral learning as outcome variables, we begin this article with a brief history of instructional communication research, as well as examples of research and practice in conventional classroom settings. We then outline, review, and explain four distinct contexts where we believe future instructional communication research and practice is likely to be fruitful: risk and crisis situations, technology-enhanced environments, digital games, and forensics education.
  • Cognition,
  • Forensics Education,
  • Instructional Communication,
  • Risk and Crisis,
  • Learning,
  • Technology and Digital Games
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Deanna D. Sellnow, Anthony Limperos, Patric R Spence, Brandi N Frisby, et al.. "Expanding the Scope of Instructional Communication Research: Looking Beyond Classroom Contexts" Communication Studies Vol. 66 Iss. 4 (2015) p. 417 - 432
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