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Serving the Public Interest in a Crisis: Radio and Its Unique Role
Journal of Radio and Audio Media (2009)
  • Patric R Spence, University of Kentukcy
  • Kenneth Lachlan, University of Connecticut
  • J. J. McIntyre, University of Central Arkansas
  • Matthew W. Seeger, Wayne State University
During times of crisis, radio stations frequently operate in the public interest, disseminating critical information concerning the crisis, as well as information on remedial steps that can be taken by the affected public. Questions remain concerning the level of preparedness across varying stations, as well as self perceptions concerning the role of radio in these instances. A survey of 127 radio stations indicates that many stations do not invest much time in crisis training and preparedness, and instead rely heavily on the EAS system. Differences in these findings across market size, format, and frequency are discussed.
  • crisis communication,
  • radio,
  • disaster
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1080/19376520903277005
Citation Information
Patric R Spence, Kenneth Lachlan, J. J. McIntyre and Matthew W. Seeger. "Serving the Public Interest in a Crisis: Radio and Its Unique Role" Journal of Radio and Audio Media Vol. 16 (2009) p. 144 - 159
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