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University–Industry Technology Transfer in Hong Kong
International Journal of Learning and Change
  • Shing Chung, Patrick POON, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Kan S. CHAN
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Journal article
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In the modern knowledge economy, higher educational institutions are being required to deal with commercialising the results of their research, spinning out knowledge-based enterprises and facilitating technology transfer between their research centres and industrial firms. The universities are undergoing changes in institutional and organisational structures, which attempt to turn research outcomes into commercial outcomes through various university technology transfer mechanisms. This paper aims to examine the technology transfer process between the universities and the industrial firms in Hong Kong. It also attempts to examine the roles of University–Industry Liaison Office (UILO) and the changes in organisation structure due to the activities of university technology transfer. In-depth interviews were conducted with the senior managers or the heads of the UILOs of five universities in Hong Kong. Results show that there have been changes in the universities' organisation structures in order to cope with the University–Industry Technology Transfer activities. A higher degree of freedom in organisation structure is perceived as an incentive and would result in better technology transfer outcomes. Moreover, better supporting services would result in better transfer outcomes as well. Managerial implications for university technology transfer are discussed.

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Poon, P., Chan, K. S. (2007) University–Industry Technology Transfer in Hong Kong. International Journal of Learning and Change, 2(1), 109-125. DOI: