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Paolo Carozza awarded honorary doctorate
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  • Paolo G. Carozza, Notre Dame Law School
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Pázmány Péter Catholic University awarded an honorary doctorate to Paolo Carozza, director of the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies and law professor at Notre Dame Law School, on March 27 in Budapest, Hungary. According to the University’s official citation, the doctorate was conferred in recognition of Carozza’s “excellent and tireless service to the community and the Church, especially in the area of human rights, by cultivating jurisprudence and … through many [other] works and efforts.” This was the first honorary degree for Carozza, who said the honor was “unexpected but gratifying”. His trip to receive the degree was his first visit to Hungary.
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Paolo G. Carozza. "Paolo Carozza awarded honorary doctorate" (2017)
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