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Fuel poverty and the energy benefits system: The Italian case
  • Paola Valbonesi
  • Raffaele Miniaci
  • Carlo Scarpa

In this paper we discuss a number of ways to define and measure the affordability of energy consumption, and we examine the emergence of fuel poverty in Italy in the period from 1998 to 2011. The paper examines the eligibility criteria for claiming the benefits available to support energy consumption for vulnerable families and it identifies the potential beneficiaries. The study assesses the appropriateness of the eligibility criteria by comparing the population targeted by the policy with the population actually living in fuel poverty. A simulation exercise, using the hypothetical scenario most likely to result in energy benefits being made available, shows that, regardless of the affordability index adopted, the provision of state energy benefits has little impact on fuel poverty.

  • fuel poverty; affordability; energy benefits; vulnerable consumers
Publication Date
Spring April 13, 2014
IEFE Working paper N.66, April 2014. download from
Citation Information
Paola Valbonesi, Raffaele Miniaci and Carlo Scarpa. "Fuel poverty and the energy benefits system: The Italian case" (2014)
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