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About Pantelis N. Vassilakis, Ph.D.

Dr.Vassilakis has a B.A. in Music Composition/Technology (Kingston University, 1993), M.A. & Ph.D. degrees in Ethnomusicology, specializing in Music Cognition, Acoustics, & Aesthetics (UCLA, 1997/2001), and a Postdoc in Auditory Science (UCLA, 2003). He has composed for the English National Ballet and the London Chinese Orchestra and, since 1997, has been presenting at US national and international conferences, publishing, and serving as reviewer for publications that include the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, the Journal of Comparative Physiology, the Computer Music Journal, and Oxford University Press. Dr. Vassilakis is currently the Music Technology Specialist, Acoustical & Instructional Design Consultant, and Library liaison for DePaul University’s School of Music and Department of Psychology, and teaches courses at DePaul University and Columbia College in Chicago, IL. His research interests include cross-cultural dissonance perception, digital signal analysis, otoacoustic emissions, sound localization, musical aesthetics, film music theory, and assessment driven collaborative learning.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Music Cognition, Acoustics, and Aesthetics, Ethnomusicology, Hearing, Film Music, and Composition

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Honors and Awards

  • See attached Curriculum Vitae


  • Trends in Music Education Research
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Listening to Films
  • Music Cognition & Acoustics
  • Introduction to Psychoacoustics
  • [Personal Website]

Contact Information

2350 N. Kenmore Ave., JTR Library Room 207, Chicago, IL 60614

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