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Internet Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions.
  • Panayiota Tsatsou, Dr, University of Leicester

This book considers the lessons learnt so far from the emergence of the Internet and the development of the field of Internet studies, whilst also considering possible directions for the future. Examining broad media theories and emerging theorisations around the Internet specifically, it explores the possibility of the development of an Internet theory in the future. A comprehensive overview of the field, Internet Studies considers key issues of social importance that the study of the Internet draws upon, such as the role of the Internet in civic participation and democratisation, the development of virtual communities, digital divides and social inequality, as well as Internet governance and policy control. At the same time, it examines the role of the Internet in social research and the development of highly interdisciplinary and rapidly developing Internet research. Hence, this volume maps key areas of certainty and uncertainty in the field of Internet studies and, as such, it will be of interest to scholars and students of media and communication, sociology and social research methods.

  • Internet history,
  • Internet theory,
  • internet research,
  • Internet and society,
  • Internet and politics
Publication Date
Fall 2014
Citation Information
Panayiota Tsatsou. Internet Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions.. Surrey(2014)
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