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Irish Journal of Management (2012)
  • Pamela Sharkey Scott, Dublin Institute of Technology
Unpublished Paper

This paper analyses the progress made in the field of strategic management. One approach to analysing a discipline’s trajectory is to explore its exemplary research. From our review of the papers awarded the Dan and Mary Lou Schendel , Strategic Management Society Best Paper Award since 1993, we demonstrate the emergence of strategic management from a market position based perspective with its roots deep in economics to a specific discipline with an embracing but distinct view of how firms generate competitive advantage. Our paper interprets the development of strategic management from its market based and structural roots to attempts to decipher the ‘black box’ of the organisation in analysing capabilities, particularly dynamic capabilities, and resources. Despite the collapse of the New Economy and increasing market, social and cultural instability since these seminal papers were first conceived, their lessons are still relevant, and increasingly critical to both theory and practice in establishing a framework for organisations to compete. This paper demonstrates that these prize wining papers from the past provide guidance as to the path of research in the strategy field and thence valuable insights into the future trajectory of strategic management.

  • Strategic Management Discipline,
  • Evolution,
  • Best Paper Awards
Publication Date
Winter 2012
Citation Information
Pamela Sharkey Scott. "STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: A PERSPECTIVE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIELD" Irish Journal of Management (2012)
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