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Faculty in the Hinterlands: Cultural Anticipation and Cultural Reality
Higher Education
  • Pamela L Eddy, College of William & Mary
  • Jeni Hart, University of Missouri
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Using qualitative inquiry, this paper employs a cultural lens to explore the work life experiences of faculty who work in smaller higher education administration programs in institutions that are not high-level research universities. The research focus included understanding how participants made sense of the institutions in which they worked and the consequences of that for their lives. Implications for the field of higher education administration, faculty work, and graduate socialization are examined. Ultimately, this research suggests that a single model of faculty work life identity drawn using a research institutional prototype does little to support all faculty members, many of whom work in markedly different institutions.


  • Faculty work; Rural colleges; Academic culture; Faculty socialization
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Pamela L Eddy and Jeni Hart. "Faculty in the Hinterlands: Cultural Anticipation and Cultural Reality" Higher Education Vol. 63 Iss. 6 (2012) p. 751 - 769
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