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About Pamela Weathers

Working on a project of discovery is the true essence of science. When one of my students shares in that discovery, then the moment is further enriched. My real joy in teaching is doing research projects with my students. Taking the discovery one step further by working with students to develop their written and oral communication skills has, over the years, become more and more exciting to me.
Compared to most faculty, I have three quite diverse research areas: in planta antimalarial drug production and delivery, development of bioreactors for culture of complex tissues and fungi, and algal biofuels. In the first project, we may actually be able to lower health care costs by use of our proposed novel production and delivery method. This is very exciting because it could eventually impact millions of people, especially in the developing world. Our bioreactor technology is now at the stage where it is being examined for use beyond just plant tissues, so that is also new. Algal biofuels offer great potential, but as yet are not adequately studied to offset global energy requirements. Each of these integrates somewhat with the others, and that results in exciting interactions among my students.


Present Professor, Biology & Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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