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Making the Executive Presentation
Information Management Journal
  • Pamela N. Martin, Utah State University
  • J. Michael Pemberton
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ARMA International
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It is a common refrain heard from records and information management (RIM) professionals: "I can't communicate with my management." Like it or not, it is the burden of those who want to communicate to do so effectively. Given a continuing flattening of organizations, opportunities for presentations should increase; how effective they will be is another matter. While the purpose, topic, and content of senior-level presentations will vary widely, there are presentation concepts that all can value and apply to top management presentations.

Originally published by ARMA International. HTML fulltext available through remote link via Goliath.
Citation Information
Martin, Pamela, and J. Michael Pemberton. 2003. "Making the Executive Presentation." Information Management Journal 37, no. 6: 58-62.