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Urania, A Romance / Book Review & Flori, A Pastoral Drama, a bilingual ediition / Book Review
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  • Pamela J. Benson, Rhode Island College
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Book Review
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With the publication of Urania, A Romance and Flori, A Pastoral Drama (1588), the Other Voice series has made it possible for English speakers to discover firsthand women's active presence in Italian literary culture during and after the Council of Trent and, as Virginia Cox and Lisa Sampson argue here -- and as Cox argues elsewhere -- to become convinced of the falsity of the widely-held assumption that Italian women writers' participation in literary culture consisted only of their intense involvement in the phenomenon of Petrarchism and petered out at midcentury (Cox, "Fiction, 1560-1650," in A History of Women's Writing in Italy, ed. L. Panizza and S. Wood [2000]).

Citation Information
Smith, S. T. (2006). [Review of the books Urania, A Romance by Giulia Bigolina and Flori, A Pastoral Drama by Maddalena Campiglia]. Renaissance Quarterly, 59(1), 139-142. doi:10.1353/ren.2008.0127