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Skills and Attributes for Becoming an Effective Leader
ACRES Conference
  • Kevin J. Miller, Buffalo State University
  • Belva Collins, University of North Carolina
  • Margaret Bausch, University of Kentucky
  • Ginevra Courtrade, University of Louisville
  • Cathy Gaylon Keramidas, East Tennessee State University
  • Pamela J. Mims, East Tennessee State University
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Leadership positions, whether as program coordinator, department chair, associate dean, or dean, are complex and filled with ambiguity. Leaders in varying leadership positions from four universities offer prospective and current academic leaders a forum to discuss skills and attributes needed to transition to leadership positions and become effectiveleaders.

Salt Lake City, UT
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Kevin J. Miller, Belva Collins, Margaret Bausch, Ginevra Courtrade, et al.. "Skills and Attributes for Becoming an Effective Leader" ACRES Conference (2018)
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