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Using Technology and Systematic Instruction to Promote Grade Aligned ELA Skills
2018 TASH Conference
  • Pamela J. Mims, East Tennessee State University
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This presentation will inform participants of the results from a year-long randomized control trial study targeting a comprehensive approach to teach grade aligned ELA via an App for middle school students with significant disabilities. Participants will learn about the embedded evidence based practices that led to significant outcomes. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: a) identify instructional strategies that lead to increases in grade aligned ELA skills. b) discuss ways to provide meaningful grade aligned access to ELA skills for students with significant disabilities from diverse backgrounds c) incorporate technology (ipad) and grade aligned adapted fictional and nonfiction novels that address complex and diverse themes into ELA instruction as a means for increasing engagement and access for students with significant disabilities.

St. Louis, MO
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Pamela J. Mims. "Using Technology and Systematic Instruction to Promote Grade Aligned ELA Skills" 2018 TASH Conference (2016)
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