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Creating Communities of Care: Delineating Work in the Information-Care Relationship
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS / Actes du congrès annuel de l'ACSI
  • Pam McKenzie, University of Western Ontario
  • Nicole K Dalmer, The University of Western Ontario
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Caregiving is fundamental to our capacity to live in community yet the work involved in care provision is easily overlooked. This case study explores the information-care relationship while making visible the information work needed to coordinate a community of care for an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease.


Calgary Alberta, June 1-3 2016

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Pam McKenzie and Nicole Dalmer. Creating communities of care: Delineating work in the information-care relationship. Information Science in our Communities: Reflections on our Work and the People, Places and Institutions Around Us. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science, Calgary Alberta, June 1-3 2016.