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The Routledge companion to philosophy and film
Staff Publications
  • Paisley Nathan LIVINGSTON, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Carl PLANTINGA, Calvin College
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Edited book
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The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Film is the first comprehensive volume to explore the main themes, topics, thinkers and issues in philosophy and film. The Companionfeatures sixty specially commissioned chapters from international scholars and is divided into four clear parts:

  • issues and concepts
  • authors and trends
  • genres
  • film as philosophy.

Part one is a comprehensive section examining key concepts, including chapters on acting, censorship, character, depiction, ethics, genre, interpretation, narrative, reception and spectatorship and style. Part two covers authors and scholars of film and significant theories Part three examines genres such as documentary, experimental cinema, horror, comedy and tragedy. Part four includes chapters on key directors such as Tarkovsky, Bergman and Terrence Malick and on particular films, including Memento.

Each chapter includes a section of annotated further reading and is cross-referenced to related entries.

Publisher Statement
Copyright © 2009 Paisley Livingston and Carl Plantinga for selection and editorial matter; individual contributors for their contributions
Citation Information
Livingston, P., & Plantinga, C. (Eds.) (2011). The Routledge companion to philosophy and film. London: Routledge.