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Artistic collaboration and the completion of works of art
British Journal of Aesthetics
  • Paisley Nathan LIVINGSTON, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Carol ARCHER, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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We present an analysis of work completion couched in terms of an effective completion decision identified by its characteristic contents and functions. In our proposal, the artist's completion decision can take a number of distinct forms, including a procedural variety referred to as an ‘extended completion decision’. In the second part of this essay, we address ourselves to the question of whether collaborative art-making projects stand as counterexamples to the proposed analysis of work completion.
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Livingston, P., & Archer, C. (2010). Artistic collaboration and the completion of works of art. British Journal of Aesthetics, 50(4), 439-455. doi: 10.1093/aesthj/ayq029