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Lewis, C(larence) I(rving)
A companion to aesthetics
  • Paisley Nathan LIVINGSTON, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Book chapter
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Although this distinguished Harvard professor is primarily known for his groundbreaking work in modal logic, his rarely cited contributions to aesthetics include an account of aesthetic experience as well as an early articulation of a contextualist position in the ontology of artistic and aesthetic objects. Lewies discussion of these topics occupies two chapters of his 1946 treatise, An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation.
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Copyright © 2009 Wiley-Blackwell
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ISBN of the source publication: 9781405169226
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Livingston, P. (2009). Lewis, C(larence) I(rving). In S. Davies, K. M. Higgins, R. Hopkins, R. Stecker, & D. E. Cooper (Eds.), A companion to aesthetics (2nd ed.) (pp. 405-408). Malden: Wiley-Blackwell.