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A LinkedIn Analysis of Career Paths of Information Systems Alumni
SAIS 2011 Proceedings
  • Tom Case, Georgia Southern University
  • Adrian Gardiner, Georgia Southern University
  • Paige Rutner, Georgia Southern University
  • John Dyer, Georgia Southern University
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Information harvested from the LinkedIn profiles for 175 graduates of an Information Systems program at a mid-sized comprehensive university in Southeastern USA are summarized in this investigation. The current investigation was undertaken to examine the extent to which LinkedIn profiles are able to provide a more realistic picture of entry-level jobs held by program alumni and subsequent career progress. In addition, our results suggest that LinkedIn profiles can help answer questions such as: “What jobs do IS graduates get?”, “What does the career of an IS professional typically look like?”, and “Whether IS graduates can successfully transition from technical to managerial positions?”. Our findings also suggest that information in LinkedIn profiles can be used to assess the long-term outcomes of IS programs.
Citation Information
Tom Case, Adrian Gardiner, Paige Rutner and John Dyer. "A LinkedIn Analysis of Career Paths of Information Systems Alumni" (2011)
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