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El derecho a votar desde el extranjero
Revista de Derecho de la Universidad Austral de Chile (2012)
  • Pablo Marshall, University of Glasgow

This paper presents certain elements, mainly taken from comparative law and political theory, which can make more intelligible the discussion on the vote from abroad in the Chilean political system. The first part of this work shows the importance of discussing its foundation by clarifying some of its philosophical premises. The second part of this paper examines the constitutional reform bill that was rejected by Congress, concluding that it was affected by significant theoretical problems. Finally, the third part of the paper considers the particular elements that legislation on voting from abroad should consider.

  • Vote from abroad,
  • right to vote,
  • democracy
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Pablo Marshall. "El derecho a votar desde el extranjero" Revista de Derecho de la Universidad Austral de Chile Vol. 24 Iss. 2 (2012)
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