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Calculated X-ray Diffraction Data for Diamond Polytypes
Journal of the American Ceramic Society
  • Xi Yang
  • Jenq Liu
  • P. D. Ownby, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Calculated X-ray diffraction pattern data for diamond polytypes are presented, which provides the required parameters for the characterization of the proposed diamond polytypes. The literature on diamond polytypes contains some small but significant errors with respect to the details of the crystal structure, including space groups, the atom positions in the unit cell, and the atomic layer stacking. In this paper, the crystal structures of four different hexagonal diamond and two different rhombohedral diamond polytypes are theoretically calculated to provide correct crystallographic information with which the diamond polytypes in a given sample can be characterized.
Materials Science and Engineering
CORRECTION: on page 1879, the fourth entry in the seventh and eighth columns of Table II should be lowered to the Holcome Atomic position row and the Jagodzinski notation for the 21R polytype in Table III should be (hkkhkkk)3.
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Xi Yang, Jenq Liu and P. D. Ownby. "Calculated X-ray Diffraction Data for Diamond Polytypes" Journal of the American Ceramic Society (1992)
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