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A Thermochemical Study of Boron Triiodide
Surface Science
  • P. D. Ownby, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • R. D. Gretz
The properties of baron triiodide are discussed from the viewpoint of their importance in heterogeneous nucleation studies by vapor deposition. Known properties are reviewed and others calculated or determined experimentally. From the literature thermodynamic data the solid vapor pressure of boron triiodide was calculated to follow logP = -3610 T -2.52 logT+17.9. The surface tension of Bl3 under its own vapor was determined to be σ1-v = -0.0926T+66.5 by capillary rise in vacuo. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry showed that no dimers or polymers of Bl3 exist in the vapor phase. The contact angle of Bl3 on tungsten was found to approach zero by the sessile-drop technique in vacuo. Evidence for thermal nonacommodation of Bl3 on Pyrex is presented, however, the thermal accomodation coefficient of Bl3 on tungsten was calculated to be essentially unity from critical supersaturation temperature dependence data. © 1968.
Materials Science and Engineering
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© 1968 Elsevier, All rights reserved.
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P. D. Ownby and R. D. Gretz. "A Thermochemical Study of Boron Triiodide" Surface Science (1968)
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