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Content-based retrieval from compressed-image databases
Faculty of Informatics - Papers (Archive)
  • Philip Ogunbona, University of Wollongong
  • P Sangassapaviriya, University of Wollongong
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Ogunbona, P. & Sangassapaviriya, P. (1997). Content-based retrieval from compressed-image databases. Data Compression Conference Proceedings (p. 461). IEEE.

There is an enormous amount of multi-media data including images, video, speech, audio and text, distributed among the various computer nodes on the Internet. The extent to which a user wiU be able to derive useful information from these data depends largely on the ease with which required data can be retrieved from the databases. The share volume of the data also poses a storage constraint on the databases; hence these data will need to exist in the compressed form on the databases. In this paper we concentrate on image data and propose a new paradigm in which a compressed image database can be searched for its contents.
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Philip Ogunbona and P Sangassapaviriya. "Content-based retrieval from compressed-image databases" (1997) p. 461
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