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Headship, Gender, and Ordination in the Writings of Ellen G. White
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  • P. Gerard Damsteegt, Andrews University
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The study will focus on the teachings of Ellen White on the role of the Bible in this controversy and the principles for interpreting the Bible to find a solution to the current situation. The paper will also look at her understanding of equality and submission in God’s universal kingdom, and the function of headship in Jesus’ model of leadership and its relation to gender in regard to the qualifications for the biblical office of overseer in the church and their implications in regard to ordination. All of these aspects form an integral part of 16 Ellen White’s theology of ordination.

This research paper was presented at the July 2013 Theology of Ordination Study Committee meeting and approved for release

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P. Gerard Damsteegt. "Headship, Gender, and Ordination in the Writings of Ellen G. White" (2013)
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