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Elitist Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Crusade in Nigeria
The Global Financial Crises and Africa's Quest For Development (2010)
  • Ozy B. Orluwene, JP

Abstract Corruption is a global phenomenon and as such not unique to Nigeria. Its effects we argue vary from one society to the other due to differences in level of economic development and commitments to anti corruption measures. However, corruption has become so prevalent in Nigeria that almost all governance crises, economic woes and development predicament are attributed to the problem. The paper examines the situations in the country and argues that it is indeed a serious problem. This cankerworm is so systematic as it is fuelled by patron-client politics and patronage system in government and other sectors of the society. The paper also observe that elitist corruption in Nigeria has made corruption to be systemic, pervasive and endemic to the extent that she is rated among the most corrupt nations of world and therefore a bane to the nation’s anti corruption crusade. The methodology adopted for this work is the use of secondary data. However, personal observation will equally be employed where necessary. The paper posit(s) that elitist corruption can be addressed and significantly reduced if the government is committed to its anti corruption initiative which must not be selective, not haphazard but consistent.

  • Elitist,
  • Corruption,
  • Anti-Corruption,
  • bane and Nigeria
Publication Date
S.A. Abdullahi and Sabo Bello
Ahmadu Bello University Press
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Ozy B. Orluwene. "Elitist Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Crusade in Nigeria" FirstZaria, NigeriaThe Global Financial Crises and Africa's Quest For Development (2010)
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