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About Ousama Ben Salha

I am actually an assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia. I'm also Researcher Associate at the Economic Research Forum and Fellow at the Global Labor Organization. I hold a PhD in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis, University of Tunis El-Manar. My research areas cover, among others, labor economics, international economics, energy and environmental economics and the economics of informality.


Present Lecturer in economics, Higher Institute of Management of Sousse, Tunisia

Research Interests

Economic globalisation, Financial instability, International capital movements, Income and wage inequality, and Labour market dynamics

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  • The International Conference 'Opening and Innovation on Financial Emerging Markets' (Beijing, China, March 27-28, 2007)
  • The Eurasia Business and Economics Society Conference (Istanbul, Turkey, June 01-02, 2009)
  • The 2009 International Conference on the Global Economic Crisis (University of Nevada, USA, June 04-06, 2009.
  • The 7th International Conference on Applied Financial Economics (Samos, Greece, July 01-03, 2010)
  • The First International Symposium on Business, Economics and Financial Applications (Kefalonia Island, Greece, 01-02 June 2012)
  • The 11th International Conference of the Middle East Economic Association (Alexandria, Egypt, 25-27 June 2012)
  • The 2012 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference (Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University, London, United Kingdom, 27-28 June 2012)

Contact Information

Rue Abdlaaziz il Behi . BP 763.
Zipcode: 4000


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