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My Italian Connections: Otto Vogl in Italy
  • Otto Vogl, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Gerald S. Kirshenbaum

This document describes Otto Vogl's work in Italy. From 1975, Vogl served for 3 years as the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the President Italo Trapasso of the Plastic Materials Company of Montedison SA, Milan, Italy. He was assigned to restructure the research activities and to organize the Research Division. He was responsible for the appointment of DiDrusco as the Vice President of Research and Paolo Galli as the Director of Research at the company’s facilities in Ferrara. Within a year of Vogl’s reorganization of the research organization the high yield catalyst for the polymerization of propylene was discovered in Ferrara. In 1983/4 Otto Vogl was the Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board to the President, of Enichimica, Milan. It involved the activities of Enichemica in research, development and marketing of PE and PVC.

  • Italy,
  • Polymer Science,
  • Otto Vogl
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Otto Vogl in cooperation with Gerald S. Kirshenbaum. My Italian Connections: Otto Vogl in Italy, 2010. Available at: