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Increasing College Football Attendance: An Exploratory Study of Fan Typology
Journal of Business and Economics (2014)
  • Oscar T McKnight, Ashland University
  • Ronald Paugh, Ashland University
  • Jordan McKnight, University of Akron Main Campus
  • Wenhui Jin, Ashland University

No sport enjoys more popularity in the USA than football. However, not every college can fill their stadium. This study examined spectator typology in relationship to college football attendance. Four typologies emerged as well as a chronology of expectations for game events. Presented is PUNT a sport marketing strategy that can be an integral component of a marketing campaign to increase football game attendance.

  • Oscar McKnight,
  • Jordan McKnight,
  • Ronald Paugh,
  • Wenhui Jin,
  • Ashland University,
  • University of Akron,
  • Fan,
  • Fan Typology,
  • College Football Attendance,
  • Increasing College Football Attendance,
  • Fan Motives,
  • Football Fan Typologies,
  • Typology
Publication Date
Winter January, 2014
Citation Information
Oscar T McKnight, Ronald Paugh, Jordan McKnight and Wenhui Jin. "Increasing College Football Attendance: An Exploratory Study of Fan Typology" Journal of Business and Economics Vol. 5 Iss. 1 (2014)
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