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Using Perceptual Maps for Career and College Counseling
All Ohio Counselor Conference AOCC (2014)
  • Oscar T McKnight, Ashland University
  • Kerri Carmichael, Ashland University
  • Gregory Pollock

Perceptual mapping is a modeling technique used in business to visually display relationships and perceptions of customers. In business, perceptual maps are often called product positioning maps. Conceptually, perceptual maps foster a better and deeper understanding of products and services in terms of public perception or actual outcomes. In short, marketers attempt to position products, product line, and brand or company type relative to their competition or competency. For counselors, this process facilitates open and honest discussion relative to personal expectations and goals. This presentation reviews how to interpret and use a Perceptual Map given a multiple variable (axis) system; and, how to encourage/motivate the student/client in a realistic appraisal of self, career and college.

  • Oscar McKnight,
  • Kerri Carmichael,
  • Gregory Pollock,
  • Perceptual Mapping,
  • Career Counseling,
  • Ashland University,
  • modeling technique,
  • product positioning,
  • college selection
Publication Date
Winter November 7, 2014
Citation Information
Oscar T McKnight, Kerri Carmichael and Gregory Pollock. "Using Perceptual Maps for Career and College Counseling" All Ohio Counselor Conference AOCC (2014)
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