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Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts
Faculty Scholarship
  • Harry Shulman
  • Fleming James
  • Oscar S. Gray, University of Maryland School of Law
  • Donald G. Gifford, University of Maryland School of Law
Document Type
Publication Date
  • torts
This casebook is designed for teaching case analysis and the impact of social and economic factors on the common law. Enough of the majority opinions, and often the dissenting opinions, is presented to illustrate how the cases fit together with precedents and to enable students to evaluate competing arguments. The latest edition, though streamlined from previous editions, adds both coverage of emerging areas of liability, including claims under the alien tort statute, and traditional torts applied in new factual contexts, such as cyberspace and biomedical engineering.
Citation Information
Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts. Edited by Harry Shulman, Fleming James, Jr., Oscar S. Gray, and Donald G. Gifford. 5th edition. St. Paul, MN, West Publ. Co., 2010.