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Adsorption Equilibrium of Benzene-P-Xylene Vapor Mixture on Silicalite
Chemical Engineering Science
  • Jianmin Li, Cleveland State University
  • Orhan Talu, Cleveland State University
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Adsorption equilibrium of benzene-p-xylene vapor mixture on silicalite is measured at 70^oC with a specially designed cyclic volumetric apparatus at pressure levels of 2.53 and 1.20 kPa. The isobaric isotherms are S-shaped, and selectivity curves at different pressures cross over; the p-xylene selectivity at 2.53 kPa is higher than that at 1.20 kPa over a certain composition range. The heterogeneous ideal adsorption solution (HIAS) model implemented on two patches qualitatively predicts these highly unusual behavior. The observed extraodinary phenomena are attributed to structural heterogeneity, a result of the tight-fit of sorbate molecules in silicalite pores. The succes of HIAS attests to the paramount importance of adequate representation of heterogeneity in adsorption models.
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Li, J., , & Orhan, T. (1994). Adsorption equilibrium of benzene-p-xylene vapor mixture on silicalite. Chemical Engineering Science, 49(2), 189-197. doi:10.1016/0009-2509(94)80037-5