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Gibbs Dividing Surface and Helium Adsorption
Adsorption-Journal of the International Adsorption Society
  • Sasidhar Gumma, Cleveland State University
  • Orhan Talu, Cleveland State University
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All adsorption data is based on the definition of Gibbs dividing surface, which is a purely mathematical transformation. Adsorption measurements in microporous solids necessitate experimental determination of the dividing surface. An international protocol does not exist on how to perform this important measurement. Commonly, helium is assumed not to adsorb and used as a probe molecule for this measurement. Each experimentalist chooses an arbitrary set of conditions, often without even disclosing them, which adds to the confusion in adsorption literature. Here, a self-consistent method for the analysis of helium data is proposed which does not assume non-adsorbing helium. The method is compared to others using the extensive set of helium/silicalite data. The Gibbs dividing surface and hence the helium isotherms at all temperatures are determined.

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Gumma, S., , & Talu, O. (2003). Gibbs Dividing Surface and Helium Adsorption. Adsorption, 9(1), 17-28.