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Newman's Cogito: John Henry Newman's Phenomenological Meditations on First Philosophy
Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications
  • Ono Ekeh, Sacred Heart University
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John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801–1899) did not wrestle with the question of the validity of our existence or knowledge and experience of the world. The world’s existence, as well as that of the ego, were axiomatic principles, meaning that they were among our foundational ideas of truth. Nonetheless for Newman, the world and the ego had to be understood in a broader context that included not only the seen, but the unseen. In other words, the ego as a transcendent agent of truth was a necessary foundation that needed to be examined.

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Ekeh, Ono Paul. "Newman's Cogito: John Henry Newman's Phenomenological Meditations On First Philosophy." Heythrop Journal: A Bimonthly Review Of Philosophy And Theology 52.1 (2011): 90-103.