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Icon of Clay
  • Ono Ekeh
Jeremy Blade married a god. Bridget, his wife, has been everything you’d expect from a god: kind, loving, exceptional, and demanding. But because Bridget is placed in forced lifetime hibernation in an Arctic military facility, Jeremy decides to move on with his life. He has a new love and the hope of a normal life without the burden of caring for a budding deity. But when his brother’s life is put in danger, those plans are interrupted.

His brother, a priest and aid worker, is caught in an African warlord’s web and Jeremy must travel to Africa to see to his brother’s safety. 

But then Bridget awakens.

As Jeremy treks across continents, he finds himself in conflicts with both an African warlord and Bridget. Fighting for his brother's freedom on one hand and his own on the other. 

The gods do not share what is rightfully theirs. Jeremy is hers and Bridget will not share him. If he wishes to be free of her, he will find that there is a cost to independence. Is he willing to pay the price?
  • Fiction,
  • Fantasy,
  • Gods & Godesses
Publication Date
Children of Clay
Citation Information
Ekeh, O. (2017). Children of Clay: Book 3. Icon of Clay.