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The UNIPORT Saga and Appointment of Vice Chancellors
The Nigerian Voice (2010)
  • Ondotimi Songi
The article looks at the regime for the appointment of Vice-Chancellors in Federal Universities in Nigeria following the politicisation of the process and the resultant conflicts. it is suggested that as a way to end or minimise these VC appointment-related conflicts, it is time the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Act 2003 be further reviewed or amended to adequately and expressly state guidelines for appointment of a VC as there are growing and profound fears in leaving or throwing the guidelines to the Governing Council. This should be done with a view to upholding the principle of merit contained in the Act by ensuring that only the best person emerges as VC irrespective of sex, state of origin, ethnicity, religion or whatever.
  • Uniport,
  • Vice Chancellors,
  • Federal Universities,
  • Nigeria,
  • Appointment
Publication Date
February 23, 2010
Citation Information
Ondotimi Songi, 'The Uniport Saga and Appointment of Vice Chancellors', The Nigerian Voice, Tuesday, 23 February 2010 available at:
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