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The March to Copenhagen and the Quest for Climate Justice
Sahara Reporters (2009)
  • Ondotimi Songi
  • Timipere Songi
Following events preceding the Copenhagen conference on climate change, the article looks at whether world leaders can seal a comprehensive, fair, effective and binding climate change deal. It traces efforts at addressing climate change from a policy and legal perspective noting that the discussion on climate change has focused on environmental and economic costs and suggesting that the issue be seen from a human rights and development perspective so as to realign strategies and programmes on mitigation and adaptation. From an African perspective, as a continent that is worst hit by climate change, it is noted that apart from insisting on climate justice from developed nations, developing nations should also take policy measures on carbon emissions such as on gas flaring in Nigeria. It is argued that although the Copenhagen conference will be another step in achieving climate justice, the world may not see a successful Copenhagen conference in terms of a complete, fair and binding agreement as there are conflicting interests among nations and complex issues which might take a while to resolve.
Publication Date
November 27, 2009
Citation Information
Ondotimi Songi and Timipere Songi, "The March to Copenhagen and the Quest for Climate Justice", Sahara Reporters, 27 November 2009 available at: