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Full Body to Body Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi
  • Deepti Sejwal
Massage with Mursal Tea and herbal carpet

First massage: Healing massage with Mursal tea, warm herbal rug (herbal sofa) and zonotherapy - 50 minutes

     Pain-relieving massage with whole body Mussel Tea Oil (according to the purchased voucher) combined with a warm herbal sofa (herbal mat that heats the body during the procedure)

     The voucher also includes zoning of hands and palms

     Procedure: warm herbal rug

     Hot herbal tea to stimulate immunity

Massage with Muesli Tea has a healing, relaxing and therapeutic effect. Great therapy can be for all people who find it difficult to change the season to cold weather. The massage recharges the body whole with new energy and heats the body through blood circulation techniques and warming therapies.

During the massage, the client is massaged with Mueslian tea oil and his body also enjoys therapy with a warm herbal massage on which massage is lying

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