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An Advanced Power Electronics Interface for Electric Vehicles Applications
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2013)
  • Omar Hegazy, Dr. Ir.
Power electronics interfaces play an increasingly important role in the future clean vehicle technologies. This paper proposes a novel integrated power electronics interface (IPEI) for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in order to optimize the performance of the powertrain. The proposed IPEI is responsible for the power-flow management for each operating mode. In this paper, an IPEI is proposed and designed to realize the integration of the dc/dc converter, on-board battery charger, and dc/ac inverter together in the BEV powertrain with high performance. The proposed concept can improve the system efficiency and reliability, can reduce the current and voltage ripples, and can reduce the size of the passive and active components in the BEV drivetrains compared to other topologies. In addition, low electromagnetic interference and low stress in the power switching devices are expected. The proposed topology and its control strategy are designed and analyzed by using MATLAB/Simulink. The simulation results related to this research are presented and discussed. Finally, the proposed topology is experimentally validated with results obtained from the prototypes that have been built and integrated in our laboratory based on TMS320F2808 DSP.
Publication Date
November 13, 2013
Citation Information
Omar Hegazy. "An Advanced Power Electronics Interface for Electric Vehicles Applications" IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2013)
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