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Optimal Power Control and Management of Fuel Cell / Supercapacitor Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using PSO Algorithm
EVER'11 (2011)
  • Omar Taha Hegazy, Dr.
  • Joeri Van Mierlo, Prof.
The addition of a fast auxiliary power source like a supercapacitor in fuel cell-based vehicles has a great potential and a promising approach for future hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) because permits a significant reduction of the hydrogen consumption and an improvement of the vehicle efficiency. In HEV, the powertrain control strategy and the component sizing significantly affect the vehicle performance, cost, efficiency and fuel economy. Hence, it is necessary to determine the optimal design and power sharing between sources in order to minimize the fuel consumption and components cost for a given driving cycle. This paper proposes a control strategy based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to achieve the optimal power control with minimum fuel consumption and optimal design while satisfying the operational constraints. Furthermore, an interleaved multiple-input power converter (IMIPC) is proposed for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle in order to reduce the input current ripples, to reduce the output voltage ripples and to reduce the size of the inductor with high efficiency compared with conventional boost converter. Meanwhile, the fuel economy is improved. In this work, three control strategies based on the knowledge of the fuel cell efficiency map are implemented and compared with the aim to minimize the hydrogen consumption. These control strategies are control strategy based on Efficiency Map (CSEM), Control strategy based on PSO (CSPSO), and control strategy based on GA (CSGA). The control strategies are tested and simulated by using MATLAB/ SIMULINK. The results have demonstrated that the optimal design of the drive system and the minimum fuel consumption have been improved by applying the PSO approach, which means high performance operation for FCHEV.
  • Fuel cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FCHEV),
  • Powertrain Modeling,
  • Fuel cell Model,
  • Battery Model,
  • PSO Algorithm,
  • Control Strategies
Publication Date
Spring March 30, 2011
Citation Information
Omar Taha Hegazy and Joeri Van Mierlo. "Optimal Power Control and Management of Fuel Cell / Supercapacitor Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using PSO Algorithm" EVER'11 (2011)
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